High Quality Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc nickel plating is the one of the best non-corrosive metal finishes money can buy. It is no wonder why many companies prefer zinc nickel plating to other materials where possible. Paramount Metal Finishing is RoHS compliant on zinc and zinc nickel plating and assures high quality on all products and services.

Paramount Metal Finishing has the unique capability to give very large parts with complex shapes a zinc nickel plating finish. Large parts require the use of internal anodes in order to accomplish 100% coating coverage. Paramount Metal Finishing has worked on the development of dedicated fixtures and internal anodes which result in the highest quality zinc nickel plating of large parts and complex configurations.

Bulk Zinc Nickel Plating

Nickel Zing PlatingParamount Metal Finishing also has the capability to process zinc nickel plating alloys in bulk barrel and rack plating lines. Using linear zinc nickel plating lines optimizes the quality and economics, while large production runs and large/heavy parts are handled readily.

There are several zinc nickel plating specifications available in production. Each specification has Types and Classes that further define the specification. The following are the most frequently referenced specifications for zinc nickel alloy plating. Specification % Nickel:

  • ASTM B841-99 5-12%
  • AMS 2417G 6-20%
  • Automotive 10-15% (most common)

It is widely accepted that the higher the nickel content the better corrosion protection, up to 15%.

Zinc Nickel Plating Quality Assurance

Paramount Metal Finishing’s highest priority are customer requirements and quality finishes. All processes are audited and monitored by a trained and qualified staff member. Before shipment approval can be made, coating characteristics and coating performance are thoroughly tested. Paramount believes quality should be built into the process from the beginning of the manufacturing process til the end. Because Paramount Metal Finishing is quality driven, customers can expect:

  • ISO 9001-2008 SGS registered
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC ) employed
  • Statistical Quality Control (SQC ) employed
  • Six Sigma trained staff with active projects
  • Laboratory – In house laboratory for process control and coating testing

For more information about zinc nickel plating, please contact Paramount Metal Finishing at, or simply call 908-862-0772.