Electroless Nickel Advantage

ASTM B733, AMS 2404, MIL-C-26074

Electroless nickel plating or autocatalytic nickel plating is a widely used surface finishing process that offers several advantages over other plating techniques. Specifications for EN are ASTM B733, AMS 2404 and MIL-C-26074. Here are some of the key benefits of electroless nickel plating:

Uniform and Consistent Coating: Electroless nickel plating provides a uniform and consistent coating on complex geometries, including internal surfaces, corners, and recesses. It deposits a uniform layer of nickel onto the substrate, regardless of its shape or size, ensuring an even coating thickness.

Corrosion and Wear Resistance: Electroless nickel coatings offer excellent corrosion resistance, protecting the underlying substrate from rust, oxidation, and chemical attack. The deposited nickel layer acts as a barrier, preventing the substrate from being exposed to the corrosive environment. Additionally, electroless nickel coatings provide good wear resistance, enhancing the lifespan and durability of the treated parts.

Hardness and Surface Hardness: Electroless nickel plating can produce coatings with varying levels of hardness, ranging from relatively soft to very hard, depending on the specific formulation and process parameters. This allows the plating to meet different requirements, including wear resistance, load-bearing capacity, and dimensional stability. Electroless nickel coatings can also be heat treated to further increase their hardness and surface hardness.

Thickness Control: Electroless nickel plating enables precise control over the coating thickness. The process parameters can be adjusted to achieve the desired thickness, ensuring consistent results and meeting specific engineering requirements.

Excellent Adhesion: Electroless nickel coatings exhibit excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including metals, alloys, ceramics, and some plastics. This adhesion ensures that the coating remains firmly attached to the substrate, even under harsh operating conditions or thermal cycling.

Lubricity and Low Friction: Electroless nickel plating can provide a self-lubricating surface, reducing friction and wear in sliding or rotating applications. By incorporating certain additives or incorporating post-plating treatments, the coefficient of friction can be reduced, resulting in improved performance, reduced energy consumption, and extended service life.

Versatility: Electroless nickel plating is a versatile process that can be used in various industries and applications. It can be applied to a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and more. The plating can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as high phosphorous coatings for increased corrosion resistance or low phosphorous coatings for solderability.

Paramount Metal Finishing offers electroless nickel in rack and barrel processes.

Overall, electroless nickel plating provides numerous advantages, including uniform coating, corrosion and wear resistance, hardness control, excellent adhesion, lubricity, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. These benefits make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, from automotive and aerospace to electronics and medical equipment.
Paramount Metal Finishing is an integrated coating applicator of Zinc plating, Electroless Nickel, Manganese Phosphating, Zinc Nickel and offers many other finishes to ASTM, AMS and Military Specifications. We have capabilities to Plate, Anodize, Hard Coat Anodize, Sanchem, Conversion Coat, Paint, Powder Coat and Dry Film Lube in one location.

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Plating For Corrosion Resistance On Steel

What Are The Best Plating Processes For Corrosion Resistance For Steel?

Corrosion will jeopardize the integrity of components of aircrafts, vehicles, and many other all types of equipment. Paramount Metal Finishing provides metal plating solutions that improve the corrosion resistance of metal parts for the aerospace, military, medical as well as industrial and energy industries. The following brief guide offers the best plating solutions Paramount Metal Finishing offers for corrosion resistance to help you decide which type of plating may best fit your requirements.

Metal Plating For Corrosion Resistance On Steel

Electroless Nickel Ams 2404, Astm B733

Because it does not need electric current, electroless nickel plating takes less time than electroplating processes like hard chrome. This type of metal plating improves corrosion resistance by creating a thick, even coating of nickel onto a metal surface. EN can plate down deep recesses of complex shapes. The protective nickel coating has a high hardness and is able to fill any flaws, making it the best metal plating solution for worn or degraded metal parts. Another advantage of electroless nickel plating is that after the plating process is complete, the metal part is ready to go—there’s no need for further surface finishing, grinding, or machining, unlike with other metal finishes.

Manganese Phosphate Mil-dtl-16232 Type M

Manganese phosphate is the hardest type of phosphate coating, and it provides superior corrosion resistance for steel parts. Unlike other phosphate coatings, manganese phosphate can protect steel parts even after they are broken in. Manganese phosphate coatings absorb lubricants on steel surfaces to enhance corrosion resistance and prevent the galling of parts like bearings, bushings, and fasteners that are subject to wear.

Zinc Nickel AMS 2417, ASTM B841

Zinc platings alone have marginal corrosion resistance, but provide even better protection when alloyed with nickel. Zinc nickel plating protects steel, copper, and brass against high temperatures. It can also minimize galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals. This type of metal plating is commonly used in the aerospace industry for landing gears, flap tracks, and other metal parts. It’s also used widely in the defense, automotive, heavy equipment, and agricultural machinery industries. Zinc nickel is a sacrificial coating and is an environmentally safe alternative to cadmium that offers equivalent and, in some cases, better corrosion resistance.

If you need the best metal plating solutions for corrosion resistance, contact PARAMOUNT METAL FINISHING in Linden, NJ.

Resist Corrosion With Paramount Metal Finishing! Plating Services For Steel In Nj

Paramount Metal Finishing is an integrated applicator of Nitric Passivation, Electroless Nickel, Manganese Phosphating, Zinc Nickel and offers many other finishes to ASTM, AMS and Military Specifications. We have capabilities to Plate, Anodize, Hard Coat Anodize, Sanchem, Conversion Coat, Paint, Powder Coat and Dry Film Lube in one location. Visit our website For an online quotation email us a drawing with RFQ details to or call us at 908-862-0772.

Paramount Metal Finishing Features Electroless Nickel

Paramount Metal Finishing has attained a reputation for supplying quality coatings and prompt metal finishing service at a competitive price. We also feature a special electroless nickel for our industrial services. Our versatility from  and technical ability has aided our customers in solving many of their purchasing problems. We look forward to working with you to produce a superior, competitive product. Our modern 75,000 sq. ft. facility is on the leading edge of Metal Finishing Technology.

Electroless NickelMost metal and some plastic products are plated, painted, anodized or have some other coating applied to them. These coatings serve a variety of functions including solderability, RFI Shielding, lubricity, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection and aesthetic appeal. Some coatings are multi-functional, possessing several different properties.

Industrial Metal Finishing

Our metal finishing processes include the application of a wide variety of function coatings for industrial applications. These coatings serve a multitude of performance characteristics such as:

  • Corrosion Protection – plating, painting, anodizing and powder coating
  • Solderability – copper plating MIL-C-14550
  • Surface sealing – teflon coatings, dichromate and acetate sealing
  • Abrasion resistance – hardcoat anodizing, electroless nickel
  • Chemical resistance
  • Conductivity – tin plating MIL-T-10727, silver plating QQ-S-365, gold plating MIL-G-45204
  • High and low reflectivity, high and low gloss enamels
  • Lubricity—solid film lubrication MIF-PRF-46010, electroless nickel with Teflon
  • Dielectric electrical resistance
  • Graphics

Paramount Metal Finishing specializes in hard to coat components and has the unique capabilities to apply a combination of finishes such as plating, painting, powder coating, anodizing and graphics in one location with single-source responsibility.

Telecom & Computer Electronics

Paramount Metal Finishing applies a variety of coatings to various substrates for the Telecom and Computer Electronics industries. Our single-source finishing approach, comprised of anodizing, plating, painting, electroless nickel coating and graphics application, reduces turn-around time and decreases cost of transportation, quality assurance, and overall production for our customers.

From the engineering stage to full production, Paramount Metal Finishing has the staff and facility to help our customers succeed. Production capabilities range from R&D and prototype work to low production and automated high production quantities. In-house laboratory capabilities assure our customers that our processes are under control and our coatings meet their requirements.

Paramount Metal Finishing is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company since 2002, finishing components for major Telecom, Communications, Computer and Electronics companies.

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