Paramount Metal Finishing, located in Linden, New Jersey, USA has been providing State of the Art Coating Technology since 1949

Most metal and some plastic products are plated, painted, anodized or have some other coating applied to them. These coatings serve a variety of functions including solderability, RFI Shielding, lubricity, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection and aesthetic appeal. Some coatings are multi-functional, possessing several different properties.

Paramount Metal Finishing specializes in applying coatings on metal and plastic substrates in accordance with customer or military specifications. We apply over 50 different finishes on a regular basis and have the unique ability to plate, paint at one location. Cerakote Trained and Certified.

Paramount Metal Finishing is the approved finishing source for many manufacturers of:

  • Military & Aerospace
  • Industrial & Energy
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Telecom
  • Automotive & Railway

Paramount Metal Finishing have attained a reputation for supplying quality coatings and prompt service at a competitive price. Our versatility and technical ability has aided our customers in solving many of their purchasing problems. We look forward to working with you to produce a superior, competitive product. Our modern 75,000 sq. ft. facility is on the leading edge of Metal Finishing Technology.

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Paramount Metal Finishing
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