Coating RFQ Information

Plating, Painting, Anodizing quotation information

Plating, Anodizing, Coating and Painting processes, although sounding simple these can be complex projects with many variables. Different substrates require different processes and handling. Part designs may require the omission of plating and/or painting in certain areas adding the process of masking. Many specifications require rigorous testing and validations to confirm that certain parameters are met. Some substrates require processes that may not always be indicated on the drawing or known to a buyer. One example can be packaging requirements. The way a part is packed can have a large impact on price due to much of the finishing cost is the cost of material handling. Parts that are individually racked and wrapped are much more costly to process than parts bulk processed and bulk packed.

Paramount Metal Finishing has over 5 decades of experience in the finishing industry.  How can we ensure you get the best pricing and right process? When you require a quotation, please provide as much information as possible. Here are some suggestions that can help us get you what you need. All of these may not apply and a customer may not have all the answers, but the more information you can supply, the more accurate your quote will be. It will also add to the success of your project!


  • Company name and address
  • Contact name and phone
  • Contact email address


  • Part Number and Revision
  • Part Description(s)
  • Base Material: aluminum 6061, 302 SS, Inconel, etc…
  • Surface area/volume of part (if this is on the drawing it will accelerate the quote turnaround time)
  • Weight of part
  • Quantity of parts per release and EAU (this can help us determine the size of the program)
  • What are the parts used for? (Very Important: this determines the criticality of your project)
  • Material Hardness- Rockwell Hardness, Temper or Heat Treat (this determines process parameters of thermal treatments)


  • Plating/Painting Process Specification and revision (unless otherwise noted PMF will process to latest revision)
  • Testing Requirements-Salt Spray, Coating weight, Abrasion testing…
  • Critical Surface(s), Finish or Dimensions) on Parts.
  • Are the parts for rack or barrel (bulk) process?
  • Where can the parts be held during plating or painting? (thru holes, tapped holes…)
  • Where are racks marks or contact marks allowed?
  • Special Handling or Packaging Requirements
  • Are Special Gages Required (Please Provide)
  • Plating Thickness and Point(s) of measure unless defined on drawing.
  • Masking Requirement, if applicable (Please provide legible blueprint, either hard copy or electronic)
  • Stress Relief or Hydrogen Embrittlement (HER) bake times and temperatures unless defined by process specification)
  • Oiling after process, if required
  • Additional Inspection Criteria not defined in the Specification, i.e., High Temperature Bake, Testing, Visual Acceptance Criteria
  • Inspection Level, i.e., 100%, AQL, Modified AQL or other.
  • Tolerance Parameters- Maximum & Minimum tolerances

Paramount Metal Finishing is a specialist in high volume, cost effective finishing and is an integrated coating applicator to ASTM, AMS and Military Specifications. We have capabilities to Plate, Anodize, Hard Coat Anodize, Sanchem, Conversion Coat, Paint, Powder Coat and Dry Film Lube in one location.

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