Paramount adds CARC Powder Coating to growing list of finishes!

Carc Powder Coating

37070 Black and 33446 Desert Tan

Paramount Metal Finishing continues to stay on the leading edge of finishing by introducing a new form of coating for military customers, a Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) powder coat. With the government’s approval of spec MIL-PRF 32348 Type III, Paramount is proud to become one of the few finishers to offer CARC powder coat as an option for their customers.

CARCs are optimal for military applications because of the unique set of properties they contain. Key properties of CARCs include the ability to withstand harsh chemicals of decontamination, ability to withstand extreme weather, keep a low gloss unit, and also emit the proper infrared signal.

The push for the development of a CARC powder is the result from an extensive list of advantages that powder coating has over its wet spray predecessor. With advantages in categories like cost, application, consistency, worker safety, and environmental safety, powder coating makes a great alternative when the situation allows for it.

Paramount Metal Finishing currently offers CARC powder coating in two colors; Desert Tan (FED STD #33446) and Black (FED STD #37070). We also look forward to adding Green (FED STD #34088) when made available from suppliers.

Lead by a desire for new applications and technology in finishing, PMF remains committed to stay on the leading edge of finishing.

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