CARC Painting

What is CARC paint? CARC stands for Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings. These coatings are used extensively on most military vehicles and equipment. These coatings produce a non-porous coat that impedes radioactivity, chemical and biological contaminants from penetrating the coating and the base material. Instead of penetrating the coating, chemicals bead up on the exterior of the surface and are washed off easily.

capabilities-specificationsCARC is required to resist chemical attack from aggressive cleaning detergents used for decontamination of vehicles. In turn, these vehicles can be used over again without the concern of future contaminants along with the security of resisting further chemical attack.

CARC is a pretreatment-primer-topcoat system of coating. The specifications are:

  • MIL-DTL-64159 – Water-dispersible aliphatic polyurethane chemical agent resistant coating
  • MIL-C-53039 – Aliphatic polyurethane single-component chemical agent resistant coating

Paramount Metal Finishing provides these coatings on a daily basis and is well known throughout the finishing industry as the CARC Coating specialists.